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Default Re: Misty's Coming Back (It's Confirmed)

Just wow!
You have no idea how happy i am!
I have wanted for SO long for Misty to come back. When she first left, i cried so, so, so much. As sad as it sounds, i was sort of heartbroken. XD.
Ever since i was little ( i started watching Pokemon around the age of 6/7, when it aired here in the UK.) i always wanted to be like Misty. By the age of 9 i had dyed my hair bright orange XD.
And i was obsessed with her! And then she left, when i was aloud to have the laptop in my room to do AAML art and stuff, she left!
I was so destroyedd XD.
And it took me courage to watch her leaving episode, but and when i did it was so emotional XD.
She is my fave pokemon girl, ever! I couldnt watch any episodes after she left.
I'm going to watch all the episodes i need to catch up on as soon as i can, because i have hope now XD
I miss the old trio soo bad.

Anyways, enough about my sob story of a hearbroken Misty-freak.

On to this topic-
I would over the moon to see her back, It would make things so much better. How ace would it be if she and Dawn got along, like really well?
And much acer would it be if Paul joined the group- so as some one previously said, Dawn didn't get 'pushed aside' - I doubt she would anyway, because Ash and Misty are both nice people, she's not one to push some one aside- sure, she could feel threatened by Dawn, but if Paul were there...maybe not?
And plus- maybe Dawn would understand if something happened between Ash and Misty? She already has seen the way Ash reacted when she asked to use his Misty lure, ne?
I wonder how long she would be in the show for...hopefully for a long time, i'm praying for her to stay, i would just adore it :) I understand what people say when they don't want her there, because they have their reasons, and they have their opinions ^__^
I guess im forever going to be a Misty fan, a AAML fan, and a BrockMistyAsh trio frienship fan! I'm such a '90's pokemon girl. 8D.
Sorry for this long post! XD

Anyways- i'm glad my first post on this site it about Misty! And her return!
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