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Default Re: Super Smash Brothers Brawl: A New Menace

Chapter 7:

The teams clashed in the middle of the stadium. Cami tackled Silver with her fiery beak and kept pecking him. Silver kept blocking then pushed her back with full force. She slammed into him again and made him fly all the way to the other side of the stadium. Silver looked surprised. A newcomer could actually knock him that far back. Silver lifted some of the destroyed parts of the stadium with his powers and threw them at Cami. Cami just flew threw the boulders while slicing them in half. Right when Cami was going to bash Silver again he jumped behind her and jammed her in the back.

Sonic and Shadow ran at full speed to each other and slammed their fists together giving a loud BOOM in the arena. One half of the crowd was on Sonic and Shadow and the other half was on Cami and Silver. Sonic pushed Shadow back and turned into a blue twister. Shadow turned into a black and red twister and they moved into each otherís tornados. All you could see were two twisters hitting each other. Soon they mixed together and the crowd just knew that they were fighting each other in there still.

Pit brought out his bow and turned it into two short swords. He tried to slash Wolf, but instead Wolf jumped into the air and spun around. He dashed down at Pit like a small purple tornado. Pit blocked with his two swords as he was pushed into the ground. His feet shook and he feel straight down to his knees. Pit got a quick look at something brown come on his left side and something blue come to his right. He found enough strength to push Wolf back and he looked at the two.

Fox and Falco had a serious look on their faces so Pit didn't feel like saying anything except,

"So you guys came to help me right?"

"Actually we just came to defeat Wolf again." Fox replied. He shot a quick laser at Wolf.

Wolf just deflected it right back at Fox. Fox dodged at Falco charged at Wolf. Falco kicked Wolf in the rib and pushed him back.

"Fire!" The two said. They tackled Wolf with their fire bodies and knocked him all the way into the sky. They pulled out their pistols as Wolf came down. Falco and Fox put the tip of their guns on the back of Wolf and shot. Wolf blasted into the sky and Fox and Falco stepped out of the way. Wolf fell hard onto the ground and was completely knocked out or probably dead. Fox and Falco didn't really care.

"Well we're out of here." Falco said, as the two called on their ships. The ships came and they stepped in then left.

"Wait," But they were already gone"What do expect me to do with this guy?"
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