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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

No Items/Held
No Weather/Terrain

GreenRampage [Bellsprout, Nidoking, Poliwag] vs. Bobtail [Slowpoke, Empoleon, Typhlosion]

Bellsprout pwned Slowpoke. Empoleon pwned Bellsprout. Nidoking damaged Emp, and took 1 surf while doing so. Expecting to finish Emp off, Nido used EQ on the incoming Typhlosion which activated Blaze. Expecting to finish Nido off, Typhlosion used Lava Plume on the incoming Poliwag. Poliwag then used Mud Shot on the returnng Empoleon lowering its speed and finished it off with some more ground attacks. Typlosion easily finished Poliwag with Lava Plume on Poliwag and EQ on Nidoking

Bobtail wins, gets 1000
GreenRampage loses, gets 500

I get 1500 for reffing

Salary: $7,000

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