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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

AIM, 3v3, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause

Team Overkill: Gyarados, Electrode, Porygon-Z
ShiniesRule1012: Miltank, Yanmega, Gardevoir

I took over for TED, as he went idle for some unknown reason and the battlers needed a ref, so I say he gets all of the money, as I reffed about 3 turns. I have also posted a copy of this in my log. If he wants me to delete this log, I will.

ShiniesRule1012: $1000
Team Overkill: $500

Me: $0
The Evil Dookie: $1500

My Current Salary: $14000
The Evil Dookie's Current Salary: $2000
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