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Default Re: Super Smash Brothers Brawl: A New Menace

Chapter 6:

Sonic started off the battle by dashing towards the black hedgehog who just smirked. Shadow countered attacks by grabbing Sonic fist with one hand and flipping him making Sonic fall on his face. Sonic got up and jumped behind Shadow then elbowed him in the back making Shadow lose balance.

Cami shot a magma tipped arrow at Silver, but Silver just grabbed it with one hand and snapped it in half with ease. Silver dashed over to Cami and tried to deliver a kick, Cami dodged and whipped Silver in the back with one of her multiple jointed wings. As Silver stepped a few feet back from Cami and levitated, Cami shot about 10 magma tipped arrows at the same time at Silver. Silver caused the arrows to go right back at Cami with his magic powers. Cami dodged.

Sonic jammed Shadow in the back again and Shadow swept his foot under Sonic's legs making Sonic trip. Sonic got up quickly and rolled into a ball. Shadow turned into a ball also and they clashed together sending a loud boom through the arena. The crowd covered there ears as hard as they could, but Cami and Silver just kept fighting. The bounced back so hard the fell into the crowd. The people behind them began patting Sonic and Shadow in the back as they got ready for their next attack.

"Not bad Sonic...Lets see you try this on for size!" Shadow shouted over the crowd.

He jumped into the middle of the arena and Sonic braced himself for the attack. Shadow began to glow red and jumped in the air. A giant red blast of chaos power came out of Shadow and covered the stadium (Chaos Blast from Shadow the Hedgehog). Cami wasn't harmed, but Sonic and Silver were blasted back into a wall. Smoke covered the arena and an enormous crater replaced the stadium. Two yellow lights were the only thing anyone could see until the smoke finally cleared. Standing in front of Cami and Shadow were two yellow hedgehogs. Shadow turned into his super form as well and Cami turned into a flaming eagle.

"Lets get this party started!" Sonic said with a smirk.

To Be Continued

OOC: Sorry it was so short

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