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Default Re: Super Smash Brothers Brawl: A New Menace

Originally Posted by Darkria111 View Post
More good work. If Toon Link comes into the story, can he win lots of matches?
Probably...probably not. I'll see if I can fit him in...

Originally Posted by Raixal_the_Wrath View Post
This story is awesome! Plus is it also cool that you just don't use the regular brawl characters. You use characters that are in the same series like SILVER AND SHADOW!!!! Who is next Amy Rose?! lol!

Originally Posted by pikachugirl2 View Post
same with Pikachu, please.

(He better win lots of matches......or else......XD)
Maybe I will...

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
I sure know how to make an entrance!

Or a crash landing...

*Glare* Ungrateful hedgehog! You wouldn't win without me!


Uh...Save it for the fight, guys.

Wow, you got her attitude down really good! The crash landing was inginouos, too! It will be a long fight, that's for sure...

Shadow seemed to know she was coming. Guess that mental link they share comes in handy eh? (They can feel the others emotions if they want the other to, or if it's very strong. They can also sense where each other is. They can close the link if they want, but usually don't. Except when Shadow's grumpy XD )


Can't wait for the new chapter (and for Sonic to get his butt kicked!)
Thank you! I'm gonna make the next chapter soon!
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