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Default Re: [WAR VII]*Drawn Art Section*[WAR VII]

Apologies for being so late. My scheduled was mixed up so I tried to do these as quickly as I could. Again, only two entries, so the teams already get points. :P


I liked how you did it with paint, because most people just draw it. Well, you know, it is Drawn Art, but it's always nice to be original and different.

Color and Shading
Well, one of the only things I could complaing about is that fact that Machoke is purple. If it's you're own perception, that's fine, which I why I'm not deducting much for it. I'd just like it if we could stick to the norms. Other than that, you did very well on the background, mainly the fire. When you use paint on these kind of settings, it gives you a kind of texture that you just can't get with normal colored pencils, markers, or even pastels. Well, not so much pastels. :P Well done.

EDIT: Thanks for clearing the Machoke thing up.
Score: 12

This goes back to what I just said. Again, you did awesome in the background and matched the main features of the pokemon well. Example, I liked how the Jigglypuffs were actually round. Yeah, it sounds wired, but my friends draw pokemon and show me Electrode that look like rectangular PokeBalls. The machoke could lose a little work though, I'd suggest outlining. Again, great work.
Score: 11

Themes and Extras
You did great-matched the theme and all. Although I didn't know what the dots were for, I just love how you made it seem as though Machoke lifted the heavyweights with ease while the little tiny Jigglypuffs were having trouble with the little stuff. That was a great way of snatching the theme. You did great, especially for using paint. 'Nuff said.
Score: 7
Final Score: 38-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Latias Rider

This was pretty nice, you got this one pretty down pat.
Maximum score: 8

Color and Shading
Excellent. Everything matched the original color values, shading was great in places like Elekid's head. You did great here, that's all I can say. I'd just like it if the setting was a bit more colored-beside the boulders.
Score: 10

It was really nice and neat. You didn't skip outside the lines anywhere as far as I can tell. That may seem a bit nitpicky, but try getting an art scholarship. You need to show your work, and when colors are out of the lines, it shows that you just aren't focusing. But you focused well here.
Score: 12

Themes and Extras
You got the theme perfectly as well. You showed that that Torchic and Pikachu were dependent on Elekid's ability to save them from being smashed into oblivion. I also liked the little additions to the Pikachu, pretty cute. I wish you could've done a little more with Pikachu and Torchic though, maybe have them try to help or something-just seemed a little empty that they were just scared. Well done as always.
Score: 7
Total: 37

Latias Rider gets 1 points for LOUD
EmBreon gets 2 point for TUA.

PM me or message if changes should be made.

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