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Default Re: Eeveedude's Graphix Emporium *~Pwetty Pwetty Pwetty Please Request~*


-The picture(s): Ike, Fox, Pit

-Any Text: Super Smash Brother Brawl
0302 1219 0352

-Animation: Super Smash Brother Brawl
(Only if you can do animation)

-If yes what do you want animated: Can you have it glowing and moving up and down like the Magnezone on the front page

-Background specifics: Like lines or feather looking, blue/white

-Size: no bigger then 500x300

-Any additional info: Have The characters on the sides, SSBB in the middle and my FC where ever it looks good. Unless you have a better idea ^^

Originally Posted by Kevin Garret on Smogon Server
Could you please forfeit? It's obvious that you won, but I'm trying to ladder seriously, and I would like to rank up

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