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Kendo's Story Archive

Here are all of my GOOD stories thus far. My other two PE2K stories are complete crap, nobody except for Orange Flaafy would ever want to read them. So, enjoy!

Name: LegendStory (4-25-08 to 5-06-08)
Rating: PG to PG-13 for incredibly mild deaths and blood.
Status: Finished

Long ago, Darkrai killed all of the legendary Pokemon in the Legendary Realm but one of each, and was killed by Arceus. Now, with the help of Lucas, the unexpected finder of an Action Replay, will Darkrai be awakened...?

Personal Thoughts: It took me only a few days to whip out my first successful story, and I really like it, too. Soon, I may do another AR-themed story, since this one seemed really cool to me.


Name: Passionfight (6-26-08, but written sometime in early May)
Rating: G to PG, for violence that only ventures to falling down holes and eating poison
Status: Finished

One day, Rescue team Passion Pink goes into the weakest dungeon around...only to find a Gallade!

So begins this story, filled with humor, fun, and competition with a twist, where team hatred turns into a boy vs. girl situation, and where two teams bond in the most unlikely way.

Personal Thoughts: I liked writing this one-shot during my free time at school. Technically, it's a Mystery Dungeon/Dash comedy-type thing. Who knows, if this one-shot becomes popular, I might get into comedy, though that might not be my strong point.


Name: The Pink Army (6-30-09 and still going)
Rating: PG for some mild violence
Status: Ongoing

Puffster has always dreamed of taking over the world, but her Pink Army has had no luck in finding any other members. Then she steals and raises an Igglybuff egg. Strangeness ensues.

Personal Thoughts: I based this off of my "Pink Army" that I started under the name KendoSword on the Global Trade Station Plus forums, which is again linked to Global Pokedex Plus, where I raised the virtual things. So far it's been called "super original" and I've been told I have funny ideas. So basically, I have high hopes for this.


URPG Stories

Name: Gone Fishing (7-20-08 to 7-30-08)
Rating: PG for slight violence and reference to death
Status: Finished (Grade Pending)

When 20-year-old Alexandra May goes fishing and unexpectedly lands a Mudkip, she knows her Growlithe Arcane won't help her catch it. But even if she captures Mudkip, will conflicting bonds lead to Mudkip's escape?

Personal Thoughts: I think I did my best on this story, and I hope it gets me a Mudkip. I kept writing this story because I liked portraying Mudkip's view on the situations and Totodile's bond with him. Overall, that and hopefully getting my second URPG Pokemon are what pushed me to writing this.
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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