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Default Re: Your PMD2 Stats

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
Update, best I can write:

Beaten the game
Opened up 6 of the 7 chambers to capture the legends, I only have Rayquaza to open/capture
Trained following Pokemon to be the best of the elite in leadership:

Sneasel/Weaville (beware of beatup/Blizzard I combined)
My best friend Roselia/Roserade (the dominating one in Gardena, maxed out, level 100, fast friend)
Swablu/Altaria (Still leveling up, in mid 50s)
Buneary/Lopunny (the pretty one)
Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise (Needs additional protein/Ginseng to up its attacks)
Recent addition in Wurmple/Silcoon/Beautifly, level 12.
Samantha the level 44 Vulpix with Extrasensory (awaiting to be evolved after Spheal)
Bella and Shaun the Bellossom and Vileplume, both with Drain Punch that's a plus 10 on Ginseng and both with Grass Knot/Stun Spore combo
Paras/Parasect, with Aromatherapy
Katarina the Smoochum, now level 43 Jynx, with a Powder Snow/Blizzard combo and Fake Tears/Grass Knot combo
5 out of 7 Eevees that are evolved into Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Glaceon, and Leafeon. Each one learned Trump Card.
Togepi/Togetic combo of Ash and Misty, both with Ancient Power/Grass Knot combo, both with Solarbeam.
The recent addition of Mareep/Flaffy/Ampharos, proudly raised to level 43 and awaiting a water mission.
Aipom/Ambipom in Hikari Dawn
Buizel/Floatzel in Hikari Dawn
Zoey the Glameow/
Nurse Joy the Chansey/Blissey, but needs more attack power./ginseng.
Satine the Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile
Kara the Shroomish/Breloom (has Spore to put monster house Pokemon to sleep.
Alex Cahill the Meditite/Medicham
Humphrey the Wailmer/Wailord, level 40, waiting for missions.
Paul the Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape
Shelly the Luxray
Xena the Riolu/Lucario
7 of 9, Glalie/Froslass

All Pokemon have been leader or awaiting leadership

Favorite dungeons:
Lake Afar, Mystery Jungle, Bottomless Sea (with right teams), Happy Outlook, Marine Resort

Not so favorite: World Abyss (Stupid Nidoqueen loves to use Earth Power), Concealed Ruins, Spacial Rift, Shimmer Desert (no food to get)

Missions on water: Grass or Electric, sometimes both
Forests: Fire type

Master Rank

400,000 saved in the bank

I make sure to have Revive Seeds/Max Elixir in HUGE supplies before I undertake missions.

Chapters, beaten them all

Caught a large majority, but have to look at the numbers. I say my captures are 90% towards 491, missing a few like Phione (have to go back to get it), Regis, and Rayquaza.

I make up missions on Wondermail Generator just to give my team many challenges.
Leader:Charizard 100
Partner:Raichu 57(i dont train it xD)
Other Pokemon:Torterra 50 Empoleon 47
Play Time:94:00:58
Points to the next Rank:54807
Bosses beaten:All of the storyline
Friend Code:dont have wifi
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