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Default Pokemon Opal

Pokemon Opal
What is Pokemon Opal?
Pokemon Opal is a game I have been helping develop recently. So far the programming is coming along nicely, as well as the region itself.
What Exists so far?
Currenty finished are approximatly 75% of the engines are and with any luck a beta could be out within a couple of weeks. As far as the region heres is the map

and several routes and towns, heres an example, route 1:

What makes Pokemon Opal original?
There are several elements that make Opal original, these include:
-At least 100 new pokemon
-At least 15 new trainers
-Occupational Choices
-A random weather system
What do I need from you?
Well, the reason I am posting this here is because so far we have absolutly zero new pokemon, which is an obvious problem, we have plenty of ideas for them, but noone skilled enough to sprite them. So basically I am asking for:
-New scratch pokemon
-New trainers, scratch or splice
-New buildings, scratch, splice, or recoloration
Here are some ideas I had for new pokemon:
-Locust -> Locust Queen
-Frilled Lizard -> Dimetrodon -> Spinosaurus
-Exaggeratingly Bulky Shark
-Hectocross (Evolution of Heracross)
-Creature based on this picture
-Ice Greyhound

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