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Default .::*~Tai's Art Thread~*::.

._.; I haven't been on in like......forever. (I'm fornally Parukia the Lugia, but I forgot my password and the email it was on ^^; ) But anyways, I ask that you can take the time to examine my arts. They're mainly from my Sheezyart Gallery. I took a lot of time out of my way to do these, so please comment! And please read the artist comments when they come up on the links.

Pictures ~ :

Aurora Practice
Rainy Tairoru (Naruto OC)
Lugia Realism Lineart
Lugia Realism Colored
Kitsuneru::Summerwear (OC)
Rich people Doodles XD
Husky Puppy
Ruki (Rukaria's OC)
Mauryn (Wolf Request)
Yukihara (Naruto OC)
Eye Practice
Meimei (friend's OC)
Rukaria's B-Day Present
Sheezyart Request
At the Beach ~ Lineart
More Aurora Practice
Reign of Ryuuga

Taisoshi (OC)
Sand Tairoru (Naruto OC)
Ryuuga Sprite and Landscape (I know it doesn't go here but it's the only sprite you'll see in this thread.)
Avatar OC

The Showcase
These are drawings I spent exceptional time on. Please look at these ~

Showcase ~:

.::Moonlight::. (Rukaria's OC)
Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Bird
Sunrise in Ryuugakure (Naruto OC Land)
Lookin' At You (Kitsune Realism)
Yuurei and Kitsuneru (Naruto OC's [Yuurei is a guy.] )
.::Soaring by the Moon::. (Dragon OC)
Asian Dragon
European Dragon
Syriah (fox fursona)
OC's Dragon & Human Form
Being Able to See Eye to Eye
Palace in the Sky
Gaia Avvie
Shuzoku (Naruto OC)

Foxy Kitsuneru (Naruto OC)
My Infamous Hawk Drawing
Koui-Sensei::Cherry Blossoms

Tutorial ~ :
Fur Tutorial for Photoshop

I'll answer them here. These are questions people have asked me a lot ~

Q: Can I have a Request?

A: No. Sorry, but I'm usually busy and stuff.

Q: Please tell me your secret to drawing!

A: You've probably heard this a million times over, but practice makes perfect. :)

And other things:

Anyone who does will be reported on that site, or this site.

2. No flaming -

Don't say that it's bad or something, unless you have something to back it up. If not, then I'll ignore you.

3. I don't want too much crits, please. This place has been getting worse and worse every time I post an art thread. -.-;

Please keep in mind I'm only 12 and 3/4 ~



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