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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Originally Posted by Latias_Rider View Post
No! I love to chat with friends. It's all welcome. ^_^

Kraal and Marilai will be back in the next chapter, if only rather briefly.

Any theories yet? We've had a couple if you've read the last few pages.

Zanna: Hey, if you want to talk, I'm all ears...and a head...and a tail...*sniggers*

Oh for the love of...
Yay, Kraal and Marilai! ^.^ hey that rhymes
Well, does Zanna know anything about them? Maybe she could find out a clue. Oh, then there's still the whole thing with Balian and her telling Jarre that she's being hunted right?
Something needs to finish that. Either Jarre is shocked or not very surprised. I think it would be shock since all we know is that he doesn't like Balian, and I think he would have told if he knew. *shrugs*

There's your answer Reylai. Never count Zanna out! Nice to meet you by the way. I'm Chip! =^-^=
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