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Default |:>:|Spriter's Spirit Match!!!|:<:| // Slots full! Judging still underway..

*Approved by Azumao


Welcome to the.....

|:>:|Spriter's Spirit Match!!!|:<:|

This contest puts the spriter's spirit to the test!
Hence the name 'Spriter's Spirit'! XD;


This contest consists of 3 parts.
Each part contains 3 tasks.

Here's how the contest goes;
There are 10 spots open for people to join in Part I.
5 people will win and be allowed to go along into Part II.
Then, there will be only 3 people to compete in Part III.

Got it?

.1. No stealing sprites!
.2. No spamming
.3. Be polite
.4. NO FLAMING, but compliments are always encouraged
.5. No complaining about your final score
.6. Crop down your work
.7. No pestering me for results or updates
.8. Follow all Pe2k rules

|:>:|Part I|:<:|
Task I - Recolour Amphorus with Milotic colours.
Task II - Overshade either Altaria OR Drifblim.
Task III - Fuze Manectric with Luxray. You choose the base.

|:>:|Judging Criteria|:<:|

Creativity - For Task I & Task III
I'm looking for real imagination in your sprites,
and daring skills to make something as great
as you possibly can make it! ^ u ^

Outline - For All Tasks
Outlines should not just be black. I'm going
to be looking for how well you define an outline
and exactly where you decide to make them
lighter, according to shades and light source.

Shading - For All Tasks
The shading needs to have a single light source,
and be accurate to a 3-dimensional shape, shade
changes cant be too dramatic, and try to make
things blend! And remember, no shading, no entry.

Accuracy - For Task I & Task III
You have to make sure that the sprite you're
making is true the Pokemon's appearance.
If a fringe is missing, or there are too many
claws, or the colouring and shading doesn't
fit right to look like a pro sprite, then you're
gonna get points deducted O_o

Overall Form - For All Tasks
Now I ask myself: How much do
I really like this sprite? > v <

Each thing will be judged over 10. 10 being
the highest. Good luck~!! ^ u ^

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