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Default Re: Pokedex- the Unires Region

Originally Posted by SaturnGrl View Post
Umm...WHO is your FRIEND? Heh, certainly not I. And who does this kid think he/she is "donating" sprites that don't belong to him/her?
Don't make me crucify you and take that crap down from any and all your posts/threads if you sre still hosting them and claiming them. MY friends and I don't appreciate theives.
First of all this thread is really old SG.

Second of all, I know that they are stolen, but you should have PMd him or reported it to a mod.

Thirdly- I had no idea that BL was a theif!! Why would anyone even try to steal from spriters that everyone knows anyway???

Lastly- You probably dont know me, but hey anyway coz I do know you.
Hello. I am probably not back.
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