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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by gold
This thread has been posted due to messages saying I should make a thread
for red blue and yellow version.
I got the complaints by person, not by private on here.
The first two to post get added to my buddy list.
The starting topic is:
What do you like about these versions,
pleases list your teams and how do you beat brock on yellow version?
Please post.
When I was about to beat Brock,I had a Butterfree,a Pikachu(DUH!! ),a Pidgeotto,a Nidorino,a Mankey.

I defeated Brock's Geodude with Mankey's Low Kick and Brock's Onix with Butterfree's Confusion

It was a piece of cake.In my first try I defeated him.
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