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Default Re: {G.rung.e}--new graphics shop

Looks great. I'll take one:

Size: Default.
Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3: N/A
Text: Brett and Aaron
Sub-text: Partners Since 2005
Font: Er... Anything that looks good to you after you make it. ^^
Text Color: Same as above.
Border: Er... One pixel black.
Other: Lucas's picture should be in front of the Blaziken. The Blaziken should be to the right, but still behind Lucas. The background should be black and orange, with the majority being black.

Please and thank you!
Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa
Ooooh.... That sucks. How many restrooms you got? Or do you only got one and have to sit and wait for all of your siblings to get out of the bathroom in the morning?
...This is a very good question, as I have many siblings.

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