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Default Re: Shaymin Sky Forme Sprite Here!

Originally Posted by Blue Latios View Post
Hi, this is my sprite thread. You may NOT use these sprites without credit or my permission!

Shaymin Sky Forme (The reason you probably came here)

You are free to color the sprite above. You must ask me to use it first though. The sprite was made based on the official art.


Some of the overworlds above were requested. I used Fusioned's tutorials to create the overworlds.

I will be adding more things like Fakemon soon.
Where is Fusioned's tutorial? And where's some good places for looking for tutorials? I've done the thread and this thread both. Besides, you can get overworlds at spriters-resource... You know that, right? I think the Shuckle and Flareon are the best.

Originally Posted by Blue Latios View Post

I colored in the Shaymin Sky Forme.

You don't have to double post. Anyways, unless you scratched that, that isn't even the real sprite. And the main body/head/feet needs a LOT more shading. If it is a scratch, good job.

Edit: That is the art of Shaymin Sky Forme in a sprite, but not the real sprite.
Originally Posted by umbreonandespeon View Post
Thanks. Dragonite looks pretty "Chilled" Don't punch me, please.
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