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Default Re: [WAR VII] Graphics Art Competition

Week II Results:

EmBreon (The Underdog Alliance)
Title: Balance
Description: I thought of Superman as soon as I read the theme. Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with his story knows of all of the sacrifices he makes throughout his life, and which is more important to him: Humanity, or Lois Lane. So I just tried to blend them both together, figuratively and literally, Lois Lane being the focus, and earth/city themed background, to make one complete picture.
A very powerful piece, Superman is clearly a big image to sacrifice. I love how you blended Lois and the city, very cleaver.

Sigma_ (The Underdog Alliance)
Title: Feeding the Fishes
Description: In the year 2179, tiny fish are scarce due to excessive dumping in the ocean. Conservationists are dreading the extinction of the shark, now that its feed is depleting. Some go to extreme measures to save their hungry friends.
No surprise here, your artistic ability is amazing. Although the focal point is disrupted by some brushing, the use of negative space adds a huge amount of simplicity and flow.

~Falcon~ (The Underdog Alliance)
Title: Sacrifice of the Chicken
Description: Various religions and people sacrifice chickens, so I figured vectoring a chicken being sacrificed fit the theme.
Eh... it's a half vector thrown together at the last minute... Let's just say, you were better off to not enter.

Hakken (One Against All)
Title: Sacrifice
Description: After nearly being sacrificed by a group of rouge shinigami, Senna sacrifices herself to save Soul Society and the world of the living at the end of the Bleach movie.
A decent piece, however it is very basic. It's just a stock with a brushed background and monotonous coloring. You kind of captured the theme, although I don't know anything about Bleach, but I'll take your word for it.
Best Overall Composition: Feeding the Fishes by Sigma_
Most Unique Artistic Style: Feeding the Fishes by Sigma_
Best Display Of The Weekly Theme: Balance by EmBreon
Three points for The Underdog Alliance
That took so long on this horrible computer... but you guys have results.

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