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Default Re: Leotic Region-Where Pokemon and Demons Collide(comments and critiques needed badl

Originally Posted by Rage12 View Post
Wow, way to lower someone's self-esteem. I'm not good at names anyways. I'm also suprised that all the Pokemon came out the same, considering I can't draw the same thing twice. Then again, when I started drawing I called every character I drew Jin-Ex because I couldn't come up with any names. I guess I'm not suprised much, but that post might just make me give up Fakemon all together and stick to humans.

Most Pokemon names, even real ones, are the same. Most have the same name in the evolution, just with a different word in front of it, or behind it. Granted they might sound more creative, but their names don't have much thought to them either. Also, most Pokemon evolutions look the same, except with one gigantic difference, and I guess I don't have one so people say they look the same. So I guess I should spend a little more time on the names, and add one gigantic difference to each evolution. Thanks for the critique anyways, I guess.
For the names being the same, that pretty much stopped after the first generation...
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