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Default Re: Leotic Region-Where Pokemon and Demons Collide(comments and critiques needed badl

Er... The three grass wolves are about the same thing except for the face, paws, and tail, really, but I like them. I suggest giving the water elephants a more... er... creative style. All the starters really look like now is laziness with some redeeming qualities. I also suggest changing the names of the starters. The names aren't creative as they are; they seem like the kind of fake Pokemon names people make up before the English release of a new game. (In other words: HORRIBLE AND PATHETIC ATTEMPTS AT NAMES.) The names also seem too similar, and the water elephant's final stage sounds like a name someone would laugh at if it were called out. (Wow, I can be harsher than I thought... *sweatdrop*)
Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa
Ooooh.... That sucks. How many restrooms you got? Or do you only got one and have to sit and wait for all of your siblings to get out of the bathroom in the morning?
...This is a very good question, as I have many siblings.
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