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Default Re: Leotic Region-Where Pokemon and Demons Collide(comments and critiques needed badl

Originally Posted by Rage12 View Post
You know, Pidgey, Pidgeoto, and Pidgeot basically all have t he same design. They just get bigger basically. Besides the thing on their heads. So I don't see why they can't look the same. Also, Leafipup is bigger.

I never played the game that had Orre in it, and I never heard it being mentioned so I never really thought of it to really exist.

Actually, I haven't decided who exactly he started a family with, but thanks for commenting.
Yeah, but in my opinion, a starter pokemon, being one of the most important, should at least have some more differences.

Originally Posted by Dragonair_blizzard View Post
Orre is the place where Pokemon Ranger is.

Good but maybe Leafipup could have like, fangs coming out the front like Sabarian Tiger.(This could work for Leafiwolf) And maybe have vines on its body? These are just suggestions.

Now the water Pokemon. Maybe fins/flippers on the legs? Maybe they could have seaweed/corals?

Well, anyway, I'll come back every now and then to check on this. Great drawing and imagination.
Wrong. Pokemon Ranger is Fiorre. Orre is from Colloseum and XD.
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