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Default DBID (Dragon Ball: Inevitable Darknes)

The Z Fighters all charge at Decov, the Dragon Demon. With a blast from their hands a eirie white light explodes, they all a sent into the future 100 years from then, but this is now...

You are born into this time where the UPA's planets are your homeland, the aliance with the UPA (United Planet Aliance), and New Spaceships alows any UPA race to be on any of the UPA Planets without fear of attack.

But with great good comes worse evil and soon 7 of the most powerful beings in the UPA are Spreding Chaos, Mayhem, havok... this is too much for you so you and some others have dicided to fend off this evil, and with the Z-Fighters alianed behind you their is no evil that can stop you....

oR iS tHeRe?



Yeah, That's right, I'm calling you out WAR Teams. Your going down!

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