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Default Re: ~The Uber Cool Rubber Carrot Ref Log~

AIM, 3v3, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items (Helds on)

SuperSmashBrawl: Garchomp, Lucario, Togekiss
ball: Raichu, Weavile, Infernape

Bad predicting on ball's part throughout the whole battle, unfortunately for him... in fact, the predicting was reversed.

(Private IM)
Strwbrry Eggos (20:27:17): and if he sends Ape
Strwbrry Eggos (20:27:23): it gets 120 Base

(Private IM)
The ball 998 (20:27:13): Switch to infernape

magic kid930 (20:27:32): Infernape is switched in... darn you SSB <.<
Strwbrry Eggos (20:27:40): lolol
Strwbrry Eggos (20:27:42): Told you :P
Strwbrry Eggos (20:28:06): Wow...did I actually predict a move o_0

SuperSmashBrawl: $1000
ball: $500

Me: $1500

Current Salary: $18500
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