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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Azurai Wolf View Post
As I predicted--Wildflame became nice at the end of the chapter! :3

Stormblade, get better soon! We should make you a "Get Well" card or something!

I wonder what's gonna happen to the purple stone...will it follow Blazefang or...will it choose a new owner? That can't be the end the awesomely evil purple stone.

I bet Spark knows a little more about it than he's telling us. ;P
Yep, you were right! And you'll find more about the purple stone later on... =3

Spark: Oh! I wanna make the card! *runs off*

Lol, now I feel like drawing Spark trying to make the card...xD

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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