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Snowcrystal didn’t reply. She slowly slid to the ground, resting her head against the side of the tree, feeling hopeless. She felt as if…everything was over now…the journey…everything… “Snowcrystal…” she looked up to see Spark’s face close to hers. She turned away, not believing that any comfort he could give her could ever make her feel any better. “Snowcrystal…Stormblade’s still alive.”

Snowcrystal lifted her head again, staring straight into Spark’s eyes. “He’s…alive?”

Spark nodded, and Thunder only looked mildly surprised. Rosie, who had stayed back until then, stood up and padded away from Wildflame and toward the tree. “Is he…dead?” she asked in a scared voice, not having heard what Spark had just told Snowcrystal.

“No…” Spark answered, “But…”

Thunder stepped up to where Stormblade lay, close enough to hear his shallow breathing. “Ok, well, this is nice and all,” the scyther muttered, “But you do realize he won’t last longer than a few minutes. That’s life. We better get going now before the blood attracts any unfriendly visitors.”

“What?” Snowcrystal cried, shocked, “You expect us to just leave him here?” Thunder merely shrugged and turned away. Rage built up inside Snowcrystal, and she wanted to claw Thunder in the face. How could she be so indifferent? Deciding to forget about it for the moment, she pushed against the tree again, knowing all too well that the fire was still spreading slowly along the trunk. “Everyone…help me!” She cried, and Spark, Rosie, and even Wildflame approached her and pushed against the fallen tree as well.

At last their efforts combined managed to push the blazing trunk away from Stormblade, who still lay prone on the ground. Snowcrystal ran to his side, glancing over the deep and serious burns that covered the top half of his body. Most of the scyther’s natural armor on his back and shoulders had been burned away, exposing charred flesh beneath, and sections of his wings had been burned through as well. Thunder simply stared at him impassively, not seeming at all concerned or shocked at Stormblade’s condition. Snowcrystal, however, stepped closer. “Stormblade…” she whispered, carefully nudging his side. The scyther, still unconscious, didn’t respond.

Spark and Rosie also approached, but Wildflame stood back, simply watching. Snowcrystal carefully examined the scyther’s wounds. The worst of the burns by far were on his back, wings, and shoulders, but there were also severe burns across his arms, chest, and face as well. All of them were far worse than the burn wounds Thunder and Spark had sustained. Snowcrystal stared in shock-she had seen pokémon receive wounds from fire attacks before, but this was something else entirely. Even Thunder looked healthy compared to the still figure lying at her feet, and in addition to the burns, Stormblade’s leg had been badly mangled from the tree’s fall.

“I think he’ll live,” Snowcrystal said at last, “But not for long if we don’t get help.”

“Where are we supposed to get help from?” Rosie asked, “We’re in the middle of nowhere with a houndour pack chasing us, and one of them knows that freaky attack…”

“Guys…” Spark began hesitantly, “I think…I know what that attack was…it may sound strange, but…”

“And how do you know what the heck that was?” Rosie snapped, and Spark didn’t answer.

“Look,” Wildflame spoke up, “Blazefang’s pack will be after us again soon. We must keep going. Once Stormblade wakes up, he’ll have to keep up. We need to get out of here.”

As if in answer to Wildflame’s statement, Stormblade began to stir. Thunder, who had been quietly resting, looked up and glanced toward Stormblade, waiting to see what he would do.

“Stormblade?” Snowcrystal whispered again, just as the scyther opened his eyes and turned his head slightly to look at her.

“Snowcrystal…is Thunder…the others…alive?” Stormblade’s voice sounded strange to Snowcrystal, not like she was used to hearing it. He sounded weak and in great pain, rather than strong and brave like he had always seemed to her.

“Yes,” she answered softly, “Everyone’s all right…mostly…Spark and Thunder are injured, but they’ll be okay in a little while.” Really, she wasn’t so sure, but their injuries weren’t as bad as his, and she didn’t want Stormblade to worry.

“Psh…” Thunder muttered, rolling her eyes, “Well if he’s awake, let’s get a move on already!”

Stormblade made no move to rise, and just lay completely still. “Please get up,” Rosie told him, “We have to get out of here.”

To Snowcrystal’s surprise, Stormblade did try to stagger to his feet, though it was obviously paining him, and she noticed that he wasn’t putting any weight on his injured leg, keeping it off the ground and using his scythes to help himself stand instead. Snowcrystal stood beside the injured scyther to try and help steady him, but it didn’t seem to help much, as she was so small compared to him. Stormblade collapsed to the ground a moment later, and didn’t try to get up again, but lay shaking uncontrollably, his eyes closed tightly.

“Oh come on!” Thunder growled impatiently, kicking Stormblade in the side, “Get up! You’re not dead!”

“Stop it!” Snowcrystal yelled. She turned toward Stormblade, encouraging him to stand up again; knowing that if he didn’t, the others would leave him behind.

“Look, we have to get out of here,” Wildflame whispered urgently, “You have to get him to move!”

“Just leaving him there would make life a lot easier,” Thunder muttered under her breath.

Snowcrystal tried to help Stormblade, but she was too small, and wasn’t much help at all. Spark couldn’t do anything in his wounded state, and Snowcrystal wasn’t about to ask for help from Wildflame or Thunder. At last Stormblade managed to stand again, and Rosie and Thunder ran on ahead, while the others followed a bit more slowly.

Spark was no longer his usual talkative self, and his injured shoulder seemed to be giving the jolteon a lot of grief. Rosie’s wounds were minor, as were Wildflame’s, though the houndoom stayed back a bit. Snowcrystal assumed she must be tired still. Thunder was up ahead, moving rather quickly despite her wounds, acting as if they weren’t there, just as she had done before.

Snowcrystal soon found herself at the back of the group, feeling lost and hopeless. She glanced upward as a loud thunderclap sounded overhead. Soon after, rain pelted down on the travelers, making the going far more muddy and slippery. Snowcrystal paused for a rest against a large rock, feeling tears coming to her eyes.

She felt as if everything was lost now…


Stormblade cried out as he stumbled once again over the now slippery wet rocks. He struggled to get up again for a few agonizing seconds before he realized that someone was standing beside him. Turning around, he was surprised to see Wildflame standing there.

Attempting to growl as he staggered upright, Stormblade made an effort to get into a battle stance, or as close to one as he could get without injuring his broken leg further. “Get away from me!” he hissed from between clenched teeth.

The houndoom said nothing as she stepped closer to the wounded scyther, offering him her shoulder to lean on. Stormblade stared back uncertainly for a moment before he accepted her help, allowing Wildflame to assist him over the rocks, as together they gradually followed the others under the rain-filled sky.

(To be continued...)

Ok, since the picture I put up at the beginning of the chapter wasn't so good (it was drawn on the computer with a mouse...) I have others to put up relating to this chapter.

This is Snowcrystal by the rocks I guess, after the fight. I dunno, I drew this a while ago...

This picture you all would recognize-it's the one I used for my avatar! I drew it to sort of show what Blazefang looks like when about to use Shadowflare. It's not what he actually looked like in the chapter, but I still thought it looked cool.

This was a picture I drew to try to show what Shadowflare looked like, but I messed up. It's supposed to look less stupid...and more awesome-ish!

Oh and if you were wondering why Blazefang's eyes were glowing yellow in the big picture I drew, now you know why!

And no, the story's not going to be all depressing or anything, and it'll be more exciting later on (hopefully)!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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