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Default Re: {G.rung.e}--new graphics shop

Originally Posted by Limelight View Post
Hello. =)

Size{d.efault 500x150}: Default
Image 1: Vulpix
Image 2{o.ptional}: Ralts
Text: Flaring Wishes
Sub-text{o.ptional}: Will we fight for humanity?... Or our sanity?
Font{o.ptional}: You pick. ^^
Text Color{o.ptional}: Anything that suits it.
Border{o.ptional}: 1 pixel black, please
Other: Nothing. ;]
Sure Limelight. It's an honor to have a request by you. ;]
OMG! Saturn, it's......I'm at a loss for words!

It'a awesome!

Btw, is that tutorial done yet.....? I really want to learn how to make those awesome bgs!
The tutorial is indeed done,but eh,youtube doesn't support the file. Hold on,I'll mail you a link. Tell me if it works.

PLEASE READ,REQUESTERS AT GRUNGE: Everyone,on Friday-Thursday I will be gone to my Grandma's and unable to make banners. If you make a request during this time,you'll be moved to the waiting list until I come back. My Grandma has internet and all,but no Photoshop/banner making program that I use. Sorry if this is any inconvience to you,my dear customers,but trust me,I will get it done ASAP for you. <3

Thanks Lunar Latias, sis, for the siggy and av!
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