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Originally Posted by Cybergear88 View Post
Hi guys! I just developed a new MMORPG called Pokemon: Rivals! The game is pretty fun, has online capabilities, and is based on a pokemon gangwar.
The point of the game is to kill the other teams players. You can be either team Aqua or team Magma.
Weapons you can use so far include Uzis, Dirks, Butchers kinfes, and many more! Oh btw, there is no blood in case you were wondering.


The image is a .jpg so the color is distorted a little. But, otherwise, I am located currently in the desert neighborhood that has a lot of houses that players can buy!

You are able to buy houses, create guilds, hunt down NPCs, get to know people, and all other things! There are new maps being developed EVERY day and are being posted on the forums. Also, new items, NPCs, and most other attributes are being created and updated daiy! Come and see!

Pokemon Rivals is very new. We DEFINITELY need more mappers that understand how the Eclipse game engine map editor works. If you would like to download it and/or join the forums, go here at
You can download it in the portal.

I am pretty sure that a few of you guys would love to help out with me on this project. It is my first MMO and I am pretty pleased with it.

If you would like to become a mapper, please download the game, establish a connection to the server, and tell me why you would like to be a mapper. I will most likely accept you on the team.
Ok, the game has made major headway now. I am updating the pictures. Please take a look at them.
Visit us today!-[=]-Pokemon: Rivals Orpg-[=]-Visit us today!
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