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Default Re: Why don't people like goth's and emo's?

Originally Posted by RichL23 View Post
Most of the Emos/Goths I know are just like me except they listen to different music and wear different clothes. They don't do 'disturbing things' as far as I know O.o. I'm friends with alot of Goths, Emo's and whatever the other kinds of people are called, and they really are all the same to me =]
I know, but there are some Emo's that take it to the next level.
They cut themselves for minor reasons.
Originally Posted by leo View Post
Okay, here it goes;
First, I'd like to make two things clear; o1. I have nothing against Goth's or Emo's. o2. I am not Emo or Gothic. But, I have some things to say on the topic. One, from my own personal experience, the Gothic people in my school are only Gothic so they can "scare" people. And, from what I can tell, most are succeeding with all the gullible people in my school. :/ I think that is just wrong, honestly. If you want to become something just to make people afraid of you then, I'm sorry, but you need therapy. For however much it'll help you or not. :/ Secondly, if you inflict bodily harm on yourself for no reason* it's bad, and again, you need some therapy. :x And, I don't think cutting yourself makes you "emo" either. Thirdly, and finally, if you are emotional about some hard things in your life and hurt yourself to try and escape from the pain of a loss in the family or whatever it is; cutting doesn't work. Trust me, please. I'll go again to the therapy idea and get some anti-depression pills. I don't want to see any of my fellow Pe2K members to hurt themselves.

Done. :3
You are one brave person.