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Default Re: Why don't people like goth's and emo's?

Originally Posted by Berry View Post
I mean really, they are just human beings and I don't get why everyone is like, "Oh, look it's a goth!" and, "Eww, an emo, run!"
I mean, really, get a life, guys!
Thoughts and opinions?
Hrrm.. I'm not a Goth or an Emo, yet I'm definately not one of those people in your quotes. I have a mixed group of friends, including a few Goths and Emos. Admittedly, I get some stick from my friends because I hang around with Emo's and Goths aswell as them, but to be honest I don't care and I don't really judge people on how they look or act. To be honest though, since I left school last september all that "Oh look, it's a goth.. Eww." Stuff has kind of eradicated itself. But yeah, as you say they are just normal people and so I've always treated them that way.. Phew..
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