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Default Re: [WAR VII]*Drawn Art Section*[WAR VII]

Originally Posted by Latias_Rider View Post
Just to let you know, Silver, It's not outer space, just a dark night.

The moon's blue because I thought it would balance out with the birds a bit better.

I knew this part would need explaining. See the blurring between the Taillow and Swellow?
Well, That's how the Taillow is evolving. It's merging into the Swellow. (Hence the title)

I left the space around the outside so it would draw more attention to the birds. So the birds balance asymmetrically with the moon, and the space around them also create harmony within the image.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay. It's just a lot of art terminology. =P
Only art terminology I see there is "asymmetrical". :P

I had no clue, but I don't think it would matter if I increased your score, seeing as you were in first anyway.