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Default Re: Celebi is avaible (via glitch) in G/S/C!!!

Originally Posted by whatever View Post
I wonder if u could get a shiny celebi by using a shiny sneasel... and does the sneasel have to be at level 57 for the glitch to work, or does it just have to have beat up in the 3rd move slot?
It doesn't have to even be a Sneasel, it all you need is a Pokemon that has Beat Up in the 3rd Move slot.

Also I since I don't have a Nintendo 64 + Pokemon Stadium 2, I tried to clone Pokemon using the Nintendo Gamecube's GameBoy Player. I did the same procedure as cloning a Pokemon except it was on the Gamecube, so this is what happened:
1. Turned on Gamecube w/ GameBoyPlayer, Pokemon Gold
2. Opened up PC
3. Deposited Sneasel
4. Changed box
5. When it said, "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER", I pressed the power button on the Gamecube.
6. When I checked the PC, I saw no Lv0 Pokemon ;_;....instead I successfully cloned another Sneasel.

Guess that shows that the Gamecube is better at emulating than the Nintendo 64. Later I tried the same procedure but instead of pressing the power button, I pressed the reset button....and that didn't work either, it just cloned the Pokemon.

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