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Smile Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

I went to glitch city. It was a random mixture of all the different terrain features in the game, from houses to a cave opening to water to fences to a roped-off trail like you see inbetween Saffron and Vermillion cities to a 4-square boardwalk, as well as some 2's and 9's near the top of the screen. I walked straight left and came to a square where i couldn't go anywhere even though there was nothing blocking me. When i pulled up the start menu, the character was standing on a huge sea like a computer-generated Jesus, (I am not trying to be blasphemic, I just needed something to compare it to), then exited out and it went to the original jumbel of terrain features. I opened up the start menu again and the terrain features and numbers were rearranged, and there were more and smaller digits, and now some 1's, 3's, and 6's were mixed in. I checked the town map and it showed me halfway inbetween Cinnabar Island and the Seafom Islands. Then i shut the game off. That is my Glitch City experience.

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