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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Originally Posted by Latias_Rider View Post
That's praise....thanks a whole bunch SW. =3

I love it that you love my battles. They're the best to write because they're so interesting and you have to think exactly like a trainer would. As in, 'this so and so attack is coming...what would you do?'. See, see?

Rye's my favourite character too, and K-pop's.....just check out her

And Scythe won't die just yet...I have something planned for her...
You'll see in upcoming chapters. ^_^

(I double checked this one for mistakes ;) )
Yeah, I need to get better at making sure there's no mistakes in my own story ^^;

And yes, the battles were some of the most interesting parts of this story to read. I just love the way you write them-they're exciting and not at all predictable, so it's hard to guess what the outcome will be. (And that is a very good thing! =D)

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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