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Ch. 11)

Jack was on cloud nine as he walked across the Pewter plains toward Brock’s home. A freshly healed Houndour trotted along beside him. “I can’t believe I have my first badge…” Jack looked down at the little gray octagon in his hand. It looked insignificant but Jack had never been more proud of anything in his life.

Jack reached into his bag and pulled out a necklace. He strung the boulder badge onto it and then put it on. He tucked the necklace under his black shirt and continued his journey to the breeder’s.

As soon as the barn came into view Houndour took off running. “Brock must be cooking again…” Knowing what was going on Jack was able to stroll nonchalantly to the mahogany barn without worrying if Houndour was getting himself into some sort of trouble. Jack finally came onto the camp ground and saw Brock setting cross legged next to a pot of stew.

“Well I know Jack would have to be somewhere near when I saw Houndour.” Brock was setting a bowl full of his food down on the grass for Houndour to eat. Houndour began to lap at the stew. “So I understand you were able to defeat my brother? Quite impressive considering you took down his prized Rhyhorn .”

‘Yea it was great,” Jack looked down at Houndour and stroked his velvety head “Houndour and Chikorita both battled very well.”

“So what was your third pokemon? Was it a normal or electric type?” Brock gestured toward Jack’s third pokeball.

“Ground. Why do you ask?”

“Well if you were forced to use Houndour, I figured it must’ve been a type weak against rock types. Why didn’t you use the ground type?”

“He’s not exactly a great battler…” Jack pulled Cubone’s pokeball off his belt and released the skull pokemon. The little brown pokemon stretched and then went to sleep.

“Ahhh…so it won’t listen to you I’m guessing?” Brock picked up the Cubone and began to examine it. “Funnily enough, this pokemon doesn’t disobey you because it’s a high level or because someone dumped it. It won’t obey you because it’s an infant and doesn’t know how to battle yet. Just bond with it some and it’ll eventually turn into a great pokemon.”

“So you’re saying I should leave it out of its pokeball?”

‘That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Let it watch your battles also. Anything to get the little guy involved.”

“Okay, I can do that.” Jack picked up Cubone and sat it in his lap. “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well Jack I assume you are out to become The Champion? If that is the case you will likely capture many pokemon along your journey and you will need somewhere to place them.”

“What about the PC’s?” Jack had learned from fellow trainers on Cinnabar that they kept their extra pokemon in Bill’s storage system.

“Well that works fine but numerous trainers have lost pokemon via hackers. If you send yours to me there’s no chance that could happen.”

“Yea! I would love to have you keep my pokemon.” Jack had come to like Brock and couldn’t think of a place where they would be taken better care of.

“Okay hand me your pokedex.” Brock held out a large hand.

Jack pulled the Pokecamera out of his bag. “It’s not exactly a traditional pokedex but hopefully it will do.”

Brock looked the Pokecamera over. “Yea this will be fine. It appears that Oak made this so there shouldn’t be a problem.” Brock popped open a slot in the side of the camera and plugged a chip into the side. “There we go! Now if you capture a pokemon and your party is full it should be sent to me.”

“Thanks Brock.” Jack shook the breeder’s hand and then stood up and dusted off his khaki pants. “I guess I’m going to move on to Cerulean City.” Jack returned Houndour and clipped the pokeball to his belt. Jack then picked up Cubone and sat the baby pokemon on his shoulder.

“Are you planning on traveling through Mt. Moon?”

“Yes isn’t that the only way to get to Cerulean?” Jack was racking his brain trying to think of a different way.

“Most trainers think so but there is actually a mountain pass. It’s a much faster route to the city. Zubat can show you the way.”

Brock pulled a pokeball from under his vest and released a small blue bat pokemon. Jack pulled out his pokecamera and took a picture:

Zubat a poison/ flying type. They use ultrasonic waves to move around in the dark and find their enemies.

“After Zubat gets you there he can just come back to camp. He knows the way.”

“Wow! Thanks again Brock!” Jack picked up his things and followed Zubat east out of the city.


Zubat’s tiny little wings stopped flapping and it glided down onto a nearby tree.

“So is this is it?” Jack stopped next to Zubat’s resting place and looked down a narrow, winding path.

Zubat nodded as best as a bat could and then flew back towards Pewter.

“Well Cubone I guess we just follow this path.” Cubone chirped happily in reply. Since Jack had begun to keep Cubone out of his pokeball the ground pokemon had embraced Jack as its owner.

Jack had walked only a matter of feet when he noticed a familiar face. A skinny boy, sporting a brown beanie was checking his pokedex. It was Brandon; the boy jack had fought in Pallet Town.

“Hey there Brandon!” Jack jogged over to the boy and pulled a pokeball off his belt. “You want another battle?”

“Oh hey there! Jack, right?” Brandon looked away from his pokedex and then looked down a Jack’s pokeball. “Actually I’m not much of a battler anymore. I’ve decided to pursue legendary pokemon.”

Jack looked slightly crestfallen. “Well what are you doing way out here? Aren’t a fair majority of the legendaries supposed to be in Sinnoh?”

Brandon showed Jack a picture on his pokedex. The screen showed an ancient drawing of a large green snake-like dragon. “That is the legendary Rayquaza. Typically it is found in the Hoenn region but rumor has it that he moved to the Kanto region for unknown reasons. I’m going to track him down.”

Jack looked down the path to Cerulean. “How long have you been searching for Rayquaza?” he asked offhand.

“Since I got to Viridian and I saw a news report detailing sightings near The Seafoam Islands. That where I’m headed.”

“Oh okay…well I plan on traveling all through Kanto so what would you think about joining up together?”

Brandon smiled. “That sounds great. Come on Scout we’re heading out!” A blue butterfly flew out form behind a large boulder. The camera flashed:

Butterfree, a bug/ flying type. When fighting, Butterfree flaps its wings very fast, filling the air with toxic dust.

“Wow the pokecamera gives me better information every time I use it…” Jack pocketed the camera and Brandon returned the butterfly pokemon.

“Well I guess that’s that…” Brandon gave the area one last look to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. Brandon then picked up his bag and followed Jack down the trail.