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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

I made a RP about something I've made on my own, not on something in real life. this is the plot.
The story takes place in the Medallion world, another alternate dimension other than the human world. It all began when Filen(NPC), was born to the king(NPC) and Queen(NPC) of the Medallion world. They wanted all the time with their new son, so so they sent all their servants and solders away for the rest of the day, making them defenseless. They didn't pretty much care. Their only defense was their ten year old son, Saxen(NPC). He had mastered all of the 24 elements, having royal blood of Medallion masters.

What they hadn't expected was the invasion of Wheelen(NPC), their arch nemesis who had been trying to take over the medallion world. He had found out by his technology(He's an android) that the king and queen had become defenseless. He took this opportunity and declared war. He led an invasion from his base. He sent his entire army to attack. Saxen had been able to fend off most of the invasion, but he couldn't do it till everyone was gone; he was clearly outnumbered. As a result, as a last resort to save the medalion world, he split himself into six energy cores; each represented 4 elements each, which were sent to the human world. His creature split into 24 eggs, which had represented one element each. The energy cores were born in the human world, but as humans with no powers as it was the human world. They grew up to be scientists, and had finally created an experiment which had gone up in an explosion, causing the scientists to be reborn in the medallion world. they were known as Xano(boy,ACC), Danny(boy,CC), Kinano(boy,CC), Thanna(girl,CC), Saurie(girl,CC) and Laurie(girl,CC). They were now able to use their powers but not aware of it yet. Thye seemed to be the only ones that might be able to save the Medallion world, but there was going to be some help as there were others to save the world as well.

The eggs were scattered and reproduced, creating one main egg of each of the 24 elements, and other creature eggs as well. The other creatures are found by other elementals, but the main ones awaited their true master. As for the war, good had lost to evil and the throne had gone to Wheelen, which bought a new era of darkness in the Medallion world.
And those others I mentoned in the end of the second paragraph were the people to sign up their own. Remember this is a medevial+modern world.

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