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Default [WAR VII]*Drawn Art Section*[WAR VII]


Enter into the lair of Drawn Arts, where only those who have an art major in college can compete! Aren't in college yet? Too bad, go to some other section. In all seriousness, welcome everyone, and good luck in competing. Be sure to have fun, because a drawing isn't a drawing unless it has a little spirit. Let's start off with some basic rules for this section of the WAR.

Basic Rules

--Most importantly, there can be NO plagiarism. The drawing cannot be from another source. This means that you can't print a drawing from online on advance upon it. And no, you can't use a drawing from another source and cite it. Noone wants to get disqualified for laziness. :P

--Although you are allowed to draw by hand or by use of the computer, effects such as shading and coloring should be completed by hand.

--Similar to the past, you'll probably want to have your entries PM'd to me. You don't want to give an opposing team that idea that they need to beat you.

--Make sure you works are saved under .png, .jpg, or .gif.

--Any entry submitted after the deadline will be void. Please get your entries in on time, your hard work should not be wasted.

--Make sure your work is clean. There are children about. :/

The entires will be judged on the four basic categories below.

Have new and fresh ideas. This is pretty self explanatory, and is sometimes one of the easiest categories to get some points in.
Maximum score: 8

Color and Shading
Sensible shadings and effects are important for gaining points in the section. For example, a ray of light casting toward an object should force the object to produce a shadow facing away from the light. It's impossible to have a shadow facing toward light. The use of color is also important for gaining points. Although this isn't always the case, entries with none or partial color may suggest a lack of effort.
Maximum score: 12

Neatness and practicality are essential in drawing. Pay attention to common aspects of drawing such as perspective. Most objects in the foreground aren't smaller than those in the background, unless it's intentional. You aren't given points in this category just for trying- you'll need to get the work down.
Maximum score: 12

Themes and Extras
The remaining aspects of your entry will be examined here, as well as your ability to connect the drawing to the designated theme. Here, I will find out why your drawing has strong points over others and what can be improved.
Maximum score: 8

Total possible score: 40

Week 1- "The glory of bird pokemon"
Week 4- "Strength put to the test"
There are a couple requirements that will need to be in your drawing.
*The focal point(s) have to be pokemon.
*There must be two pokemon.

[Week][Team][Representing Winners][Point Gain]
[Week 1][LOUD]RocketMeowth/Latias Rider[+3]
[Week 4]

Point Distribution
Very Easy

2 points for the team with the drawing that has the highest score.
1 point for the two runner up team.

Refer to me with any questions. This post will be updated.

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