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Default Say something *Nice* about the member above you.

This game has been very popular on sites such as Pokemon Crater, Valthors Club, Kyogroudon Forums, and Serebii. So I decided to start it here. Aren't I nice?
*Hears chuckles from the crowd*

Oh, shut up! Anyway, the object of the game is simple. Just say something NICE about the member above you. Now since I'm the starter of this thread, just say somethin nice about me. Then the next poster says something nice about the member above them and so on. If you don't understand, here is a example.

Member 1: Say something nice about me.

Member 2: Cool sig or you never spam.

Member 3: Nice name, Member 2.

And so on.

So to start it off, say something nice about me.

Thanks to Evanna for the awesome banner! :D