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Ch. 9)

I’m not kidding!” The gunman forced Jack’s head down with the gun. “Hand ‘em over!”

Suddenly a voice rang out from behind Jack “Calm down! No one needs to get hurt over this!”

The gunman had obviously been caught off guard by the unexpected visitor because Jack felt the gun leave the back of his head. This was the opportunity Jack needed. He brought his elbow back full force and it slammed into the gunman’s chest.

POW! The man’s gun went off and the noise rang through the valley. Jack’s ears exploded in pain from the explosion but he had to get out of the way. He nimbly rolled over to where Brock was sitting and finally turned to see the thug. It was not a man as Jack had expected but instead a boy of Jack’s age.

He was a Team Alpha member but instead of the standard trench coat, he was wearing a silver jacket with a stark white A across the chest. He had a black belt on, lined with the trademark jet black pokeballs. White hair with a crimson streak fell over the boy’s eyes. Jack couldn’t see the boy’s eyes but he didn’t need to. He already knew that they were a piercing ice blue. The boy’s name was Damien and he had once been Jack’s best friend.

As Jack was soaking in the shock of seeing a former friend allied with Team Alpha, the man that had seemingly saved his life dropped from the roof of the barn down to the ground near Brock and Jack.

“Nice to see you Lawrence…” Brock clasped the man on the shoulder. “Obviously you got here just in time.”

The man looked identical to Brock except he was bald and slightly younger. “You know how I enjoy being fashionably late, bro.” He flashed Brock a toothy smile and then gestured toward the Alpha member. “Now who do we have here?”

Jack spoke up. “His name is Damien and he was formerly a friend of mine.”

Damien looked at Jack with malice. “Like I would ever cohort with a weakling such as you!” he spat. He held the gun back up at Jack. “Now that there’s no one left to save you I highly recommend you turn over your pokemon!” Damien turned his gun down at Houndour and cocked it. “Actually you don’t have an option here Jacky-boy. If I don’t get your pokemon no one will.”

Jack had a flashback to Charmander’s death. “Damien isn’t kidding,” he thought to himself, sadly “If I don’t comply I’ll lose Houndour just the same.”

“Ha! You’re delusional if you think we’ll hand them over that easy!” Lawrence pulled a pokeball out from underneath a brown suede jacket he was wearing.

“No Lawrence … Damien isn’t kidding here. I understand your doing what you see is most valiant but it’s not worth it. I’d rather lose them then be responsible for their death so I’m going to turn mine over…”

Jack returned a confused and sad Houndour to its pokeball and then handed all three of his pokeballs over to the Alpha member. Brock and a scowling Lawrence in turn copied Jack’s actions until Damien had a bag full of Pokeballs.

“Thanks. I’m sure Giovanni will be highly pleased.” Damien flipped the bag over his shoulder and then walked over to Jack. In a whisper that was inaudible to everyone but Jack, Damien hissed “Your father only thought he put him away for good. Guess daddy wasn’t as good as everyone says.”

Jack had reached his boiling point. He swung at Damien with intent to kill. “TAKE IT BACK!” Damien ducked and then crushed Jack’s diaphragm. The young trainer fell to the ground gasping for breath.

“Now I hope the rest of you will let me leave undeterred.” Damien looked down at Jack with disdain. “Including you. What you did there was not bravery but extreme stupidity.”

As Damien strutted off, Jack rose to his feet beside Lawrence and Brock. “I’m sorry guys but Team Alpha already killed one of my pokemon for not complying…”

Brock clasped Jack’s shoulder. "I understand. I'm sure the police will get our pokemon back for us..."

Lawrence meanwhile was silent. The loss of his pokemon had hit him hard and he wasn’t easily going to come to grips with it.

Jack looked down the road at Damien but something else caught his eye. What looked like transparent fire was flying up the road and on a collision course with the Team Alpha member. Damien was oblivious up until the energy smashed into his chest. Damien was sent flying 10 feet backwards and his gun soared into the air.

As Damien hit the ground the pokeballs scattered and Jack picked up the nearest one. He threw it at the ground and a white light exploded and there stood Chikorita. “Alright perfect! Tie that kid up with vinewhip!”

Two snake like green vines erupted form the bead-like projections on the leaf pokemon’s neck. They arched over to Damien but he was slightly to fast. He pulled a pokeball from his belt and released a Scizor much like the one Jack had seen in Viridian City.

The mysterious energy had knocked Dmaien out of breath so was forced to wheeze out the command "Snap the vines." Scizor reached up and closed his steel claws around Chikorita’s vines. He closed down and they snapped in his hands. Chikorita cried out in pain.

Scizor flew over to the hurt Chikorita and easily batted her away and then closed in on Jack. Suddenly the transparent flames appeared again and slammed into Scizor’s back knocking him into the ground. The mysterious energy had knocked him out.

“I’M SICK OF THIS!” The loss of Scizor had caused Damien to lose his cool. He took off to pick up his handgun. Just as he was about to pick up the chrome weapon the infamous energy claimed another victim. No longer did it look like transparent flames but more like a dagger. It came up and hit Damien in the face. He was knocked backward and then looked up a Jack with a deep gash that started above his eye and extended down to his chin.

“I’ll let you live for now…” Damien looked crazed and his eyes began to take on a red tone. “But someday I’ll kill you Tripper…” Damien pulled a pokeball off his belt and released an Abra. He touched its head and disappeared in a flash.

“What was that?” Jack scanned the ground looking for whatever had saved him. “Did you guys see that?”

“Hmmm… I can’t explain it myself…” Brock was deep in thought. “Legends speak of ghosts of pokemon helping humans in times of need but I doubt that is what it really was.”

“Well whatever it was, I owe it one.” said Lawrence as he walked over and picked up his pokeballs. He tossed Brock each of his pokeballs and then handed Jack three more. “I recommend healing that Chikorita. It will be useful when you battle me.” Lawrence turned on his heel and began to walk back toward the city.

“Heh…right” Jack held out the pokeball and returned Chikorita. “Well Brock it was nice meeting you but now I need to heal and then take on Lawrence from there. See you around.”

“Well okay. Come see me after the battle. I want to know how you fared against my brother. Don’t take him too lightly for he does have some of my genes after all.”

Jack smiled and shook Brock’s hand and followed Lawrence back towards Pewter City. He was feeling good and then thought about what Damien had said:

“I’m sure Giovanni will be highly pleased… Your father only thought he put him away for good…”

“This was not good. Giovanni was highly dangerous and it appeared he could’ve created a team more powerful than the Rockets.” Jack had lost all of his feeling of elation. ‘Dad’s life is still in danger…,”

“But someday I’ll kill you Tripper…”

“And I guess mine is too.”

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