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Default Jirachi Website: Special Jirachi Calendar Download!

Jirachi Website: Special Jirachi Calendar Download!

The Jirachi website, located here: Jirachi, is a promotion for the Bonus Disc for Pokemon Colosseum (which contains Jirachi in the disc). On the website, you can ask Jirachi yes or no questions, which basically acts like a magic 8-ball. After seven days you have visited the website, you will be offered a download.

If you donít want to wait, and want to know what the download is, here it is: itís a download for a Pokemon Colosseum Calendar. The calendar actually works as a wallpaper for your desktop, and you can add events on the calendar and save them. If you just set your computer's date to go beyond the 7 days needed, the download page will appear. Be sure to set your computer back to the correct date if you do this.

Download URLs
PC version:
Note: Make sure you know how to return your wallpaper to normal when installing this program, it will automatically change your desktop wallpaper to the Pokemon Colosseum calendar.
Directions: To save: Right click, then Save Target As, then choose location to save to, and install the program when the download finishes. To change your wallpaper, you have to right click on the far left or far right of your desktop, then go to Properties, then Desktop, then choose wallpaper.

MAC version:

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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