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Originally Posted by zuper8 View Post
Just got my Chansey to evolve. Is this a good pokemon to raise for competitive battling? It's attacks/ ability/ HP/ special def. seem useful. However, the other stats are ridiculously low... is it worth it? Tried searching on this but the info was very unorganized and poorly titled, not bothering with bad posting.
Well, yes sort of. Blissey is a good counter for special sweepers, and its sp.atk isn't too bad which at least lets it do decent damage. Just never try sending it out on physical sweepers. Don't ask me why, check out your Blissey's defense. Here's all the info you should need about Blissey, hope it helps:

Base stats:

HP: 255
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Sp. Atk: 75
Sp. Def: 135
Speed: 55

It's HP is awesome, I'm sure you noticed that, but one decent physical attack, and all that HP is gone.

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