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Default -><- Forever Spriteness Contest -><-


Welcome To The Contest!
If Your A Good Spriter Join The Forever Spriteness Contest

No Spamming
No Stealing Other Peoples Work
Make The Correct Things For The Correct Rounds
Dont Get Angry If You Dont Make It To The Next Round
Have Fun
Try Your Best


Round 2:
Sprite The Sky Or Ice Forms Of Shaymin, You May Not Use The Shaymin Sprite And Just Edit It, You Are Allowed To Use A Pokemon As A Base Or Scratch It Though

Round 3:
Re-vamp A GSC Hero/Heroine/Rival With Correct Colors And You May Edit, Change Do Anything You Want To the Revamp To Make It Look Better

Round 4:
Fuse A Rhydon With Any Grass Starter Or Grass Starter Evo. Use Rhydon As The Base And Recolor In The Grass Starter You Fuse With Its Colors.

Round 5:
Scratch A Pokemon That Has Relation To Plusle And Minun, Has To Be About Their Size, And You May Not Copy Any Of Plusle/Minuns Poses To Make It

Round 6:
Make A D/P Styled Region Map With Cities And Towns.

1. Elemental Brotherhood
--------------------------------MAGIC KID IS OUT----------------
3. MegaArticuno
---------------------WOLFNOID IS OUT-------------------------------
5. Wario
-------------------------BLACKNESS IS OUT----------------
7. Crossel
--------------------KROKO BOY IS OUT------------------------
9. gtab x3
10. pokemonspriter
11. Chrispy
12. Azurai Wolf

Crystal - (Lowest Like Bronze)
Pearl - None Yet (Middle Like Silver)
Diamond - None Yet (Top Like Gold)

Note That A Random But Small Amount Of People Will Be Out The Contest Each Round, Dont Get Sad If You Dont Make It To The Next Round.

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