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Jack’s eyes fluttered open and he was staring at the green roof of his canvas tent. He had slept surprisingly well and it appeared Houndour had also. The dark pokemon was snoozing peacefully at Jack’s feet. Jack was trying to figure out what had finally stirred him when he realized it was a faint buzzing.

Jack walked out of the tent and a freshly roused Houndour was not far behind. Jack was shocked at what he saw. All around the tent in every direction were gigantic bee pokemon. Jack had seen these before from his mom’s garden. They were Beedril and could be highly dangerous.

Before Jack could even give a command to Houndour a Beedril swooped in and hit the dog-like pokemon with its stinger. “Return Houndour.” Jack couldn’t risk losing his pokemon before he even got to Pewter City. He needed some pure fire power. “Go Rogue!”

The pokeball exploded open in a flash of white light and there stood the small brown pokemon with the skull on its head. “Throw your bone at the Beedril!” The Rogue looked over at Jack and then snorted. The pokemon laid down and took a nap. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Jack was literally jumping up and down in anger.

The group of Beedril became bored with the situation and flew off. They could tell that there was no battle to be fought here.

“I can’t believe this! Had those Beedril attacked us we would’ve been screwed!” Jack was fuming. He looked over at the Rogue hoping it looked slightly embarrassed but instead it was snoring. “Return…”

He would have to figure out what to do with the Rogue later but for now he needed to get to Pewter City.


“Well Jack, that appears to be a Cubone.” Professor Oak said matter-of-factly. Jack had called the professor via video phone at the Pewter City Pokecenter.

“Oh okay…so what are we going to do about my pokedex?”

“Well it could be a while before we are able to get you a new Pokedex.” Professor Oak smiled sheepishly from the other side of the videocam. “It seems I’ve been neglecting my work Jack.”

“That’s fine…but how do you propose I go about filling up my entries?” Jack wasn’t truly concerned about missing the entries but more about the effect it would have on his battling. He had come to rely on the information it could give him.

“Well I’m going to send you what is called the Pokecamera. All you have to do is get a snapshot of the pokemon. Once you receive your new ‘dex you can upload the pictures and your information will be stored. Simple enough?”

Jack nodded. “Where am I going to get the camera?” Suddenly a slot opened up at the base of the Pokecenter’s PC. A bright yellow light glowed and then in its place stood a small red box. The Pokecamera. “Thanks Professor!”

“Not a problem. Well I guess I’d better get to work on your new Pokedex. Take care Jack.” Professor Oak smiled warmly and then the screen went blank.

Jack picked up his new gadget and dropped it in his knapsack. “Come on Houndour. Let’s go explore the town.” Jack and Houndour strolled through the squeaky clean waiting room and out of the automatic doors.

“We hope to see you again!” Nurse Joy called after the duo.

Pewter City lived up to its name. It was stony, gray, and quiet. “Boy, for such a large city there’s not much going on around here.” There was a row of buildings to the north of town including one that looked like a museum. As he looked around there wasn’t much else. An old man was yelling at some Pidgey in his garden and that was about it.

Jack figured he should seek out the gym so he pulled his bag over his shoulder and whistled for Houndour to follow him. The dark pokemon playfully tromped after his trainer.

Finally after several minutes of searching, Jack found what could only be the gym. A large rock dome with two heavy stone doors sat at the back of the rows of buildings. Jack approached the building and saw a sign next to it:

Pewter City Gym: Leader Lawrence. The Rock Pokemon Prodigy.

“Excellent! We’re definitely in the right place buddy!” Houndour wagged his stubby little tail. He was ready to battle.

As Jack started to push the door open a hefty man with little hair bustled out. He started to hurry by but then noticed Jack. He was gasping for breath.

Jack looked the man up and down and couldn’t help but chuckle at his appearance. He was a large man, balding, with thin brown hair. He was beet red, had watery eyes, and glasses that appeared much too small for his corpulent face. It was all topped of by his lime green pinstripe suit that was busting at the seams.

“Are you going to battle the gym leader?” the man wheezed.

“Yes. I was planning on it anyway.”

“Well I’m afraid that’s not possible.” The man wiped his brow. “Lawrence has left the gym. I believe he may be at The Breeder’s home however.”

“Oh okay. Well thanks…I guess. By the way, are you like the gym leader’s father or something?”

“Heaven’s no. I am the gym assistant. My 7 brother’s and I offer trainer’s advice and help whenever needed. You should stop by and see us sometime.” And with that the assistant bustled off and out of sight.

“Well I guess we need to go find this “Breeder’s” home, don’t we Houndour?” Houndour cocked his head.

Jack figured a breeder would need plenty of land so he walked away from the buildings and began to search for what could possibly the Breeder’s home.

After searching for several minutes Jack noticed Houndour began to act funny. The dog pokemon got a dazed look in his eyes and began to stumble towards a farm house.

“Hey what are you doing?” Houndour was picking up his pace and began to run towards the barn. “Come back here!” Jack pursued Houndour and finally caught him just as he reached the barn.

Houndour struggled to get out of Jack’s arms so Jack let him out and decided to follow him. The dog sniffed at the air and then walked around to the back of the barn. He finally came upon a dark man with spiky black hair and slits for eyes.

“Sorry I don’t mean to disturb you but I can’t keep my Houndour away from here.”

The man looked up and smiled. “Oh it’s no problem. I’m simply preparing some soup for my pokemon. I’m sure Houndour just caught the scent.” The man reached down and stroked Houndour’s soft black ears. “I’m Brock by the way.”

Jack looked behind the man and saw some extremely rare pokemon. Inside the barn was a gigantic Steelix coiled up and sleeping, a Crobat was flying around the roof of the barn, and a Ninetales was cleaning itself.

Suddenly Houndour started growling at something behind Jack. Before he could turn around, Jack heard the unmistakable cock of a gun and felt something cold and metallic against the back of his head. “You will all hand over your pokemon or else I splatter this guy’s brains.”