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Default Re: Your Game Stats

Originally Posted by Blue_Dragon_Mew View Post
Explorers of Time

Team: Charizard, Empoleon, Gardevior, soon-to-be Glaceon.
Leader: Flare the Charizard, Aquamarine the Empoleon.
Play Time: 110:49:12
Adventures: A lot.
Rank: Master
Points: None left.
Pokemon: To many to list.
Damn you're the first one i've see thats reached Master Rank! I'm only Hyper rank at the moment

Originally Posted by Bloody TC View Post
Explorers of Time team

Team: Leafblazer
Infernape lv. 93
Dragonaire lv. 50
Salamence lv. 59
Charizard lv. 50
rank: Hyper
Dungeons: all
Lol you have the same team name as me, except with an "r" on the end!

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