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Default Re: Pokemon Emerald: #1 Selling Game in May!

Originally Posted by Hoenn Mirror Girl
Very nice sprites, but this isn't the place for 'em. Sorry.
Sould of qouted myself from before. Someone wonted to know if the Emerald sprite were like the Crystel ones and everyone else seem'd to think so, but my experience was different, so I was jest giving an example of a comparison of the two. Here, I'll sum up what was said:

Mr.X: ( hey do the pkm in emerald move like crystal)

ShinyPkmnMaster: Yep,they move like in Crystal.I have Emerald,and the animations are pretty good.

Charmander #4: Yes the animations move, and Emerald is way better than R/S you should get it.

Missingno mystery: I've now seen some of the emerald animation along with the crystal, and IMO, THEY DIFFER A LOT! If you look closely at the two, C has about 3 different frame, in bases E has only 2 frames that they jest moved around (Poochyena's up and down, Zigzagoon's back and forth, etc...).
I might see if I can find or make an example sometime when I'm board.
SEE!!! I was only keeping my word! Mr.X asked, and I answerd!
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