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Ch. 6

Jack and Houndour were just entering Viridian City. The bright sunlight glinted off the dark pokemon’s glossy black fur. “We should probably stop and get some supplies before we head into the Viridian Forest. It could be a pretty rough journey.”

Jack entered the city and was shocked by the sheer size of it. He had lived in Pallet for the last six months of his life and grown accustomed to the flat plains and small, plain townhouses. Viridian City was a massive cityscape with large buildings everywhere. Jack was a little overwhelmed by it all.

“How are we ever going to find the pokemart in this?” Jack rubbed the back of his neck. “Suppose we should’ve brought a map…”

Jack looked all around looking for anything that might tip him off. It was nothing but a concrete jungle. Rows and rows of buildings and roads as far as the eye could see and no notable landmarks to speak of. Jack decided he would simply continue north through the city and see if he passed anything.

Jack and Houndour trucked up the road for a few minutes until they came upon a large round building. It was made of brown stone and had a black shingled roof. A sign hung above the lone entrance:

Trainer’s Hall

“I figure it can’t hurt for us to get a bit more training, could it Houndour?” Jack was itching to get some more battles under his belt.

Jack entered a lobby with several comfortable looking chairs scattered along the walls. In the middle sat a young looking woman with light brown hair and green eyes.

“Excuse me but is this where I can battle?” Jack gestured toward Houndour to emphasize the fact that he was a trainer.

“Regrettably today is a league qualifying day. Unless you signed up last week you won’t be able to battle. You can watch if you please. Unfortunately your Houndour can’t be outside of his pokeball in the arena. You will have to return him.” The lady gestured toward a heavy steel door to her left. “I believe it is the final battle.”

Jack wasn’t wanting miss the championship bout so he quickly returned his Houndour and scurried through the door. Once he found his seat he was finally able to scan the arena. From what he could tell the two challengers only had one pokemon left apiece.

On one side stood a fat blue and white bear and on the other stood a shiny red bug like pokemon. Jack took out his pokedex and scanned the two:

Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokemon. It will eat nearly anything and even things considered inedible by humans. It is extraordinarily lazy, and is usually only eating or sleeping. Although docile in the wild, Snorlax proves to be a formidable opponent.

Scizor, the Pincer Pokemon. Its wings are not used for flying and instead flapped at high speeds to maintain body temperature. Its pincers, which are concentrated steel, can crush any object to bits.

“Well this should be interesting…” Jack thought to himself “If only I hadn’t come in late…my seat is so bad that I can’t even hear the trainer’s commands…”

Snorlax’s trainer had short blonde hair and was wearing what appeared to be a brown dress suit. The trainer of Scizor was wearing a safari outfit.

The safari kid yelled an inaudible command and suddenly the Scizor’s claws grew bright white. The Scizor flew at Snorlax with astounding speed and cleanly uppercut the sleeping pokemon. Snorlax seemed to brush the attack off and countered with a punch.

Scizor skidded to a stop feet away from Snorlax. The steel pokemon sat down and crossed its legs. “Scizor’s meditating to boost its attack power.” Jack thought to himself. Snorlax appeared to be sleeping again.

Suddenly Snorlax seemed to have snapped out of his reverie. The gigantic pokemon vaulted itself into the air and attempted to slam his body onto the Scizor. The Scizor countered with agility and zoomed to the opposing side of the arena.

Safari Boy appeared to have an ace up his sleeve. He was grinning ear to ear and gave a triumphant yell. Suddenly Scizor pointed both claws at the Snorlax. A glaring, golden light began to form between the two pincers. After letting it charge for a few seconds Scizor cut loose with a huge golden beam of light.

“A hyper beam…” Jack whispered in awe.

The poor Snorlax made a valiant effort to evade the massive attack but wasn’t quite up to the task. The golden wave slammed into the beast’s back and knocked it cleanly to the ground.

Jack looked down at Snorlax’s trainer expecting to see a look of horror or at the least defeat but instead saw something entirely different. The suited trainer was still giving Snorlax commands.

Jack quickly looked over at the Snorlax he thought had fainted. He quickly realized it was actually sleeping. Snorlax was using rest to replenish some health lost from the hyper beam assault.

A man sitting next to Jack leaned over “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disturb you but why is the Scizor not taking advantage and attacking?”

“From what I know of hyper beam it takes almost all the offensive firepower a pokemon has to unleash it. I assume Scizor is simply too drained to do much more.”

Not to long after Jack had said this Snorlax awoke. The pokemon stretched and then stood up and waddled over to Scizor. He grabbed the pincer pokemon by the shoulders and lifted it into the air. Scizor had a look of grim determination on his face as he was ready to succumb to the Snorlax’s power. The Snorlax reared its head back and then brought it forward with great force and head butted Scizor.

“It’s over…” Jack watched as the Scizor slumped in the Snorlax's hands. It was unconscious and the battle ended.

“Wow…I have a lot of work to do if I want to catch up to either one of those two trainers…” and with that thought Jack grabbed his things and walked out of the door to continue his journey.


Jack had finally found the pokemart and was browsing for items he would need while traveling Kanto.

“Hmmmm…I’ll definitely need a tent, several potions, pokeballs, and some antidotes…” Jack swept the items off the shelves and into his shopping basket and then walked to the counter to pay for his items.

“Ah a young trainer I see?” A kind looking old man beamed at Jack from behind the counter “Did you happen to see the final of the trainer hall championship today? I hear a young man by the name of Randy Quick won. Ever heard of him?”

Jack thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t put his finger on it. “Can’t say I have sir.”

“Oh well I didn’t know if you had. He’s special though. He was Stan Tripper’s ward and prodigy.”

Jack suddenly got a funny look on his face. He quickly paid for his things and then hurried out of the store.

“That was my father’s apprentice?”

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