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Default Re: Small Blue Eyes

Originally Posted by GreenRampage View Post
Thank you very much!!

It was kinda intentional that what happened to the mother was left out, just because I felt saying it would subtract from the mood, but I understand the problems with this. Yeah I'm not really sure why she didn't know about em... I guess I gues thought it'd be nicer to do a stroy in which she didn't

My description always seems to be lacking, I'm used to writing persuasive essays and such because for some reason that's all we do in school. So I'm not totally used to doing detail that to me I can already see in my head.

Thank you very much though (again) for my new friend!
Hehe, yeah, essays can limit ones imagination, huh?

If you're having trpuble with description, close your eyes and imagine what you are trying to describe. What color is it? How do you think it would feel if you touch it(you can use this when describing a Pokemon's fur or someone's hair)? If you're describing something like food, for exmaple, is it still warm? Can the character smell the butter melting into the bread or feel the swuish slab of butter? After you finish a story, you can go back and then add the description so that way, you have more time to think about what it looks like, feels like, smells like, etc.

Just a little tip, don't know if it helps. ^^; Well, no prob, the more you write and listen to advice, the better you'll get. You're welcome and have fun! =)

- Kat

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