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Default Re: Duck For Brains. Enter Pokémon Ranger and Psyduck!

Chapter 4

When Drift awoke, it was morning. However, the sun was still not fully awake, and was merely peeking over the hills. Darkness was still present, just not as deep as it was when she awoke in the middle of the night.

All three Pokémon were still asleep, and Drift was now preparing breakfast. However, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that purple light from the lake again. She went over to the lake’s edge, and peered in. Ironically, the light was coming from the same place. Drift just shrugged and went back to the fire that she was using to prepare breakfast.

Loco yawned and woke up. He blinked, then waddled over to Drift, stopping then contently resting next to her. Drift looked down at him and smiled, and then stroked him. Soon after, Kingdra and Lanturn awoke, and let out cries from the lake to wish a good morning to Drift and Loco. Smiling, Drift brought over the prepared food to her three Pokémon, and they began to eat.

Drift finished eating and put out the fire. The sun was making more of a presence now, however it was still a bit dark. Just then, Drift noticed once more the same light in the lake. “Bliss, Flickr, turn around. What is that?” Bliss and Flickr turned around and stared at the water’s surface. They tilted their heads in confusion. Giving up, Flickr turned back around and shrugged. Bliss dunk her head under water for about a minute, then brought it back up. She turned around to Drift and shook her head, indicating that she, too, did not know. “Hmmm…” Drift was dumbfounded. She put her hands on her hips and looked into the water with deep though.

However, something broke the silence: “Little lady!” Drift’s eyes grew wide and she stiffly spun around. And, much to her dismay, appeared the brash Ranger from the day before. Drift snarled, “What do you think you’re doing here?!” The Ranger approached her and handed her a rose, “I was… rude yesterday. Accept my apology.” He bowed. Drift looked at the rose with utter disgust, “I don’t even know who you are. Why can’t you just leave me alone?” The Ranger sighed, “My name is Nelson.” He looked at Drift with a sort of gloom, “I’m trying to become a trainer and leave my Pokémon Ranger duties behind. Battling is my passion now. And I need to find someone to help me. I was trying to impress you earlier, I guess.”

Drift then lost her anger and now was overcome with a sort of sympathy. “Oh…” She looked up then back at Nelson, “Well by impressing a girl you don’t have to be so haughty.” Nelson looked down, “I know, I’m sorry…” But then he looked up and smirked, “But you just looked so helpless!” He winked. Drift’s face again grew hot and red. She growled, “Ohhhh…! You just think you’re so fabulous, don’t you! You’re looking for someone to help you but then you say THAT?! What is your malfunction?!” Just then, Drift noticed something out of the corner of her eye. The light in the lake was becoming more vibrant and a more violent color. Nelson, however, did not notice, “Come now, don’t lie. You know you were lost.” He was still smirking. Taking her attention off the lake, Drift stared at him with rage, “Oh, shut UP! You have practically… Oh, I don’t know… Ducks for brains! You have no idea how to treat people! I’ve never met someone so rude in my entire LIFE!” Her face was bright scarlet and she was clearly enraged. And, with that, the lake became completely enveloped with that same light. Both Nelson and Drift took their attention off each other and to the lake.

Drift got out her Pokéballs and called back Kingdra and Flickr. Loco hid behind Drift’s legs. “These are your Pokémon?” Nelson exclaimed, clearly impressed. “Oh, shut up you twit,” Drift said unhappily, “See the lake? Something is clearly wrong and we need to be cautious.” Then, a huge blast came from the center of the lake. There, in the center of the lake, was a Psyduck clutching its head as if it were about to roll right off its shoulders, “Psy… Psy aye aye…”

Drift’s eyes widened, “Gah! A Psyduck?! That’s what it was! It must have a headache… That light was probably it’s psychic energy building up!” Then Drift turned to Nelson, “Because of you, its headache probably worsened! If you didn’t make me so angry, I wouldn’t have been yelling!” Nelson looked down in humiliation. Drift shook her head and looked in the direction of the Psyduck. The Psyduck was in pain… but also angry. It was ready to fight off its rage and discomfort.

Drift smirked. Her dream has always been to become a Water Pokémon master. Capturing this Psyduck would only help her dream become reality. “Heh…” She looked down at Loco, “Loco, darling, let’s go! We need to calm that Psyduck down and capture it!” Loco nodded, “Lo-tad! Lo!” Drift smirked with confidence, and pointed in the direction of the Psyduck, “Okay, Loco, into the water! Let’s start this thing!” Nelson looked on in amazement.

Maybe back. Maybe not.
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