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Default Re: Duck For Brains. Enter Pokémon Ranger and Psyduck!

Chapter 2

Some time passed, causing Drift to collapse onto a nearby rock that sat lazily off the beaten path. She slumped down and crashed her head into her hands. She gazed at the sky, which enveloped the color of the setting sun with a sort of sadness. Drift usually knew where she was all the time. Being in an unfamiliar place that was almost a wasteland made her uncomfortable.

Then, with that, a voice came from further down the road, “Haha!” it bellowed a joyful laugh, “Lost are we, little lady?” Drift stood up from the rock and looked down the path, with one eyebrow raised high in suspicion. Then coming over the horizon was a young man… Around Drift’s age, maybe a touch older.

His hair was a dark green, and he reeked of haughtiness. He wore jeans, and black boots that were laced up to mid-shin. He wore a black tank top with a red and yellow jacket over top, and had a badge – a Pokémon Ranger badge.

With large arrogant steps, he reached Drift and smiled at her. Drift crossed her arms and snorted, and then, with one eyebrow still raised, looked the stranger up and down. “Haha,” he laughed and then continued to speak, to Drift’s displeasure, “Little lady, I just happen to be a…” he stopped, did a flip, and landed in a very corny pose, “…Pokémon Ranger!” Drift stared at him, blankly. And, for awhile, Loco actually held an expression on his face… An expression of disgust while looking at the Ranger, perfectly matching his trainer’s revolted look.

The Ranger stood there, still in pose, looking around. He seemed to be awaiting some sort of applause. However, to his disappointment, Drift merely looked at him, let out a sarcastic laugh, and turned right around and kept walking down the path, with Loco at her heels.

Maybe back. Maybe not.
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