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Default Re: Usohachi's Official English Name: Bonsly!

Originally Posted by Dr Skottie
Its explained all through the 1st page what Bonsly means.

- Bonsai : (the art of growing miniature trees in japan)
- Sly : (sneaky, false)

merge the the two together to create... Bonsly! which rhymes with Bonsai.

Bonsly: A sneaky little tree
Sudowoodo: A false piece of wood.

They are false and sneaky cuz Bonsly and Sudowoodo are rock types, even though they look like grass types. So they are OBVIOUSLY connected. just cuz they don't rhyme don't mean they're not connected.

Yes it's a play on words, most of the pokemon names are.

Pikachu and Raichu are the original japanese names. "Pika" is the japanese word for the sound electricity makes. English speaking people say "zap" or "Bzzz". Now the word "chu" is the japanese word for the sound a mouse makes. In America, Australia, England, Canada etc we say "squeak" for the sound a mouse makes. So in english it would be something like: Zapsqueak! i prefer Pikachu anyday :P

Now I won't even pretend to know what "Rai" means, but it must be connected in someway to electricity cuz of both Raichu and Raikou.

Well I hope that has cleared some stuff up for you people.
I'm pretty sure Rai is along the lines of "thunder". Kou I know is hound and means "a strong and powerful hound" (which was what some use to call the Irish wolfhound), add Rai and you get "Thunder Hound". I do think that sometimes only changing a few parts of a Pokemon's name is a heck of a lot better than the translation ( what would we do if they used that as the yellow rats name !?).